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    Mark Madeley

Having been a group leader since 1996, I know all the joys and problems of leading a group.  With many years of experience behind me, i can help you plan your tour, tailor it to the specific needs of your own people and help you deliver a stunning, memorable tour.

Where do I begin?
Having decided you want to take your group away, the first place to begin is by thinking about the time of year.  For Israel, it is cheaper if you avoid Jewish and Christian holidays. Spring is a great time because the land is beautiful with flowers in the desert.  Autumn is equally special because you have weather that is hot enough to make you feel on holiday, but not too hot for travelling around.

The next step is to begin to think of an itinerary.  Obviously, the longer it is, the more you can fit in, but it also means it becomes more expensive with each day added.  Where are you likely to gather your people from and what is their likely budget?  At MIB Travel we can help you look at various options and begin to plan an itinerary that is personal to your group.  Our standard itineraries are suggesitons only.  Everything we do is tailor made.

How much work does it involve?
There is no simple answer to this one.  You can basically do as much or as lilttle as you feel comfortable with.  MIB Travel is happy to lift the administration off your shoulders if you want us to, at no extra cost.  The minimum you need to do is think about recruitment for the tour and provide pastoral care for people when they are away.

One thing is for sure, you are not on your own.  We will tkae care of everything for you and our work does not end until you return safely home.

Romans 15:8 and CMJ

MIB Travel is pleased to be associated with The Church's Ministry among Jewish Peopl.  This means we can arrange visits to projects in Israel where your party can meet local people involved in local Gospel work.

For leaders, you may want to consider the Romans 15:8 led by Alex Jacob, CEO of CMJ.

What is Romans 15:8?

The Romans 15:8 network is a new voluntary grouping of Church leaders who wish to publically identify their support for upholding, teaching and exploring the Biblical understanding of Israel within God’s redemptive purposes. The network would see this Biblical understanding in terms of five broad core convictions.

Click here to be directed to the relevant page on CMJ's website:  Romans 15:8

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