Israel & Jordan May 2024

This is a fantastic opportunity to visit Israel and Jordan with some of our most experienced tour leaders.  Andrew Corke has been leading tours to Israel for many years and Ralph Goldenberg has served The Church's Ministry among Jewish People in many way in the past and has also a good track record of leading tours. 

You will have the chance not only to visit some of the sites in Israel and Jordan but to benefot from some great teaching and meet some local believers, which will add a special richness ot the tour.

There is the optiojn to do just the Israel part of the tour if you time is short.

If you wisht o book on line, please use Tour Title "Corke".

See below, especialy the itinerary for details of where the tour goes.




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You can also book on line, by clicking on "Booking" in the first line fo the top menu.  Use CORKE as the tour name.

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